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Review written by: Angeladik

Episode 39 is the exciting aftermath of episode 38.   They complete episode 38’s action scenes with Lia on the run chased by Albert but not after subduing his henchmen.  That was way short if you ask me Nicks but nevertheless a well executed and a visual threat to see Angel Locsin do her action moves.   And it’s a big added attraction that they make her look chic for this one fight scene in above the knees skirt and heels and the blue blouse more for office wear was also nice for that fight scene.  Now that’s what I meant by wearing something that looks nice on Angel. But of course, it’s the moves and the look that complete the package and why Angel’s the real deal action heroine.

Lia’s little “bugging” device gets discovered so Lucille orders Albert to arrest Lia.  Since she was able to avoid getting caught by Albert, the plan’s to get Mateo which Lia hears about and so as she usually does, looks for Mateo to warn him.  We know Mateo just called the wedding off so thinking they’ll be after Lia as was the threat, tells Lia they need to be together to run away from their captors.

Meanwhile everyone’s anxious and tense not only Mateo and Lia, Abraham and family were immediately informed by Lia.

Abraham approves Lia to be with Mateo first who has unfortunately chosen Dara’s neighbor friends’ relatives place in the province as hideaway.

Unfortunate because everyone knows already about Dara’s neighborhood, Simon, Clarisse and Sam have all been there.   That’s exactly what happens for the teaser as Sam uses her hypnotic abilities to make Dara tell her Mateo’s whereabouts although we don’t see Sam yet in the teasers getting there.  In the meantime at home with the Zaragozas, mother and daughter engage in another altercation.

Nina Dolino a revelation as Clarisse.  Some scene every time Clarisse is around, it’s always a high strung show but yeah this local actress is always in control.  Really Nicks, do you remember a local actress who does this high strung drama this way but still come out not OA? I dunno Clarisse is OA right? but Nina  is actually smooth and it’s just the right level there.  [were you referring to my comment at epi36? …i was referring to Nina’s good control of voice, not all out high pitch loud which i prefer actually -nicky]

I think Nina is really a revelation in her role as Clarisse, she’s all over the place when she does this caricaturish role . Really I can’t recall a local actress who can do this high strung acting with no OA tendencies. Would you remember a local actress doing it just the right way at this high strung level?   Maybe I’ve not watched enough local movies/ TV dramas but when we know she’s still new doing what she’s made to do in an otherwise repressed characterization of roles by a lot of the characters of Imortal.

We know eventually Mateo, Lia and Sam were assigned roles where somehow they have been repressed. Mateo and Sam are still discovering emotions and Lia’s character has been under scrutiny since her mom died.  She needs to suppress and not show a lot of herself to others particularly the present Waya hierarchy responsible for her present belittling position among the Wayas.

It’s this contrasting roles which defines more why Clarisse role is free to be as open as and as uninhibited unlike the repressed characters of the other threesome main actors of Imortal.  In a way, Nina is tasked to spice up Imortal.  While we have ‘kilig’ romantic scenes from Mateo and Lia, we notice also being suppressed like now.

More spice.  I think it will help spice up Imortal more if the other main characters’ roles get as spiced up too. Otherwise, writers, unknowingly you are leaving all the spice to the character Clarisse. She owns the meaty role here it seems because the writers are all out with her, no holding back, which cannot be said of our other main characters.

The good thing though is Nina D. is really delivering.  You cannot help notice her because her character always has scenes where there’s no avoiding her to be noticed and indeed she does and if the writers keep up with this she might as well steal the show from the entire cast, ‘afraid to say it.

I mean John Lloyd Cruz, Angel and some of the supports are doing well in their roles but when you have a well written role like this one who attracts attention and the actor doing it is delivering really well then that’s the effect you get especially if you’re just an interested viewer and not exactly a fan.

Pay attention to right pacing.  Imortal’s plot is moving alright and in this episode they’ve actually done enough to increase the suspense and tension with that nice running action scene from Angel but writers have to play close attention now to the pacing they are achieving.

They kinda slow down when Mateo and Lia are all alone in the room and Lia’s still in a foul mood.  Then there’s the scenes at Lia’s home with family and visitor Lucas.  Okay, let’s just say not every character has to be written in hi-fi.  But when it’s always ‘bitin’ which you can say is, we’re not getting the flow momentum we want then.  It’s like the hot water writers are using to avoid dosing off especially with all the commercials in between.

We need scenes that are constantly moving the story and not scenes where okay, we just want to kill the TV air time.  Like the Lia on the run was actually nice and we find her talking to “family” using her cell phone riding a taxi to meet up with Mateo, chase scenes sure add momentum and suspense.

Pacing writers, when the tension build up is created, keep the momentum going.

Next episode.   The last scenes we have, the one inside the room with Mateo and Lia and then teasers.  The little girl daughter of the owner of the house apparently saw a lobo around and points at Lia.  We don’t know what’s it about but trying to imply something.  And then on the run is Sam in that Ninja inspired getup being chased by Albert and henchmen.

Thoughts.  Let’s see how the plot moves because we know Lia knows there’s something wrong with the Wayas and why she’s being arrested and they’re using Mateo to get her.  Of course what Mateo believes in is just about him needing to marry Clarisse to protect Lia from harm.

In the meantime, the stage is set not only for a Lia-Lucille Waya faction battle as well as Sam and surely Clarisse also are after Lia’s head.  While Mateo believes Lia’s capture has only got to do with the wedding being called off and clueless yet about the other real reason why all of them are after Lia.

There are a lot of reasons why this can be explosive.  We just need the right mix so it’s up to the writers.  Are we sticking with our comfort zone that has become of Clarisse or are we moving on and using well planned pacing to move the story plots which for now seems not much.

Just to establish conflict, I don’t think we really need to make Lia always in that foul mood over Mateo.  Of course we understand why but the story plots have also to make an effort to make things build up more interest.  So moving on I think is a better idea unless they have a good battle coming up of Mateo and Lia.   Then let’s see what the writers have in store.

It better be than the Mateo-Lia romance angle because viewers want to be entertained, prolonging scenes viewers don’t usually like is not the way to go.  Writers have to be reminded this is entertainment. 

Okay, let’s see what’s next.  Both Mateo and Lia are in danger but also it seems Mateo might just find out about Lia being a taong lobo and where will that lead to?  If somehow because their story plot now has to be everyone in conflict.

I mean writers we know you want viewers so definitely you can’t just rely on caricaturish emotes from Clarisse all the time and please if Clarisse can be amusing, to watch, the other supposedly main character here Rico Blanco is not achieving the same viewer pleasure so kindly be reminded less of him will do viewing pleasure a big favor.  You people just showed Simon in the teaser getting an attack with Lucas around, ‘cmon we don’t need Lucas drama here so viewers wont get the Mateo-Lia developments right away.

Stalling is so off and a bad idea.  Writers need to establish momentum and know when to fast pace and slow pace.  When Mateo and Lia are so ‘kilig’ then I guess give it to the fans to slow the pace otherwise quarrel scenes between Mateo and Lia, ‘cmon I don’t particularly go for that unless they do some nice nifty action scenes that would be interesting.

Okay, that’s it.  Let’s keep Imortal interesting all the time writers.


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Review written by: Angeladik

Episode 38 continues the scenes at the house of Dara with Mateo making it appear Sam is the “other” girl but of course Clarisse knows better than that.   Sam was just there looking out the window while Clarisse engages Mateo in another argument.   Strange she would not mention the name Lia just referring to her as the girl Mateo’s obsessed with.

Again, attempts by Sam to extract information from Mateo who should be kept guarded all the time and good thing when it comes to Lia.  So far, no slip of the tongue yet, the way Sam’s persistently finding out who this “girl” might be. I dunno but I think she almost knows it already.

In the meantime, Lia continues with her meeting with Jethro.  It seems Lia easily earns the trust of Jethro and even seems to believe that if Mateo and Lia become a couple, he will have a better time with his future telling abilities. Lia of course reveals her being a taong Lobo and tells Jethro his being a Gabay comes from a family line, although his dad doesn’t want to hear any of it.

The writers wanting Lia and Jethro to have this nice light conversation while obvious stalker Tomahawk hairdo guy follows Lia all the way home and then gets heard again while parked just outside Abraham’s, which Lia considers home.  Tomahawk foreign looking guy seems to be a cartoonish character if you ask me. I dunno if you like it that way so it kinda looks like Lia’s heroine in her scenes with Jethro and this stalker is kinda for the kiddie fans for the overall effect to the show I dunno.  But nevertheless, Angel makes it look easy with her heroine charm always an advantage.  Well, they went already to begin with, starting off with Clarisse’ character being caricaturish.

In the next scene, we have Clarisse fitting her wedding dress with Mateo trying on his tux as well while Lia’s around as per Clarisse’ wishes for her to “get her opinion” about the choice of wedding dress/suit.  Of course, we all know she’s been at it trying to make Lia jealous for the nth time.  Mateo seems not to know again of Lia being there and another eye to eye look at each other, Mateo and Lia, follows.  Good acting chemistry always helps but I’m fine with them Nicks.  They look at each other and it always looks for real.

Lia excuses herself but Mateo runs to follow Lia instead of staying with Clarisse, making her so indignant for the nth time and in front of her friends who were around also for the look at the wedding dress but also to flaunt and embarrass Lia further or rather she invited friends to embarrass Lia yet again in front of her friends,as always bitching around but turns out its the other way around.  Another dramatic confrontation ensues outside when Mateo and Lia see eye to eye again this time just outside the shop with Clarisse made to look bad as Lia leaves Mateo with her.

In the meantime at Lucille’s office, she and Albert (that’s the name of her right hand guy) make plans to locate Magnus as they’re able to sight a group of Vamps.  Unknowingly at first her desk has a “bugging” device underneath but she eventually discovers it and her secretary tells her it’s only Lia who’s been around her room lately.

So that’s what we will be expecting as the hanging continuation for the next episode.  We have starters as Albert is ready to arrest Lia once more but this time Lia shows why she’s not the same Lia anymore as she looks good dismantling the hench men and soon to follow is Albert.

Next episode.  Teaser time.  Lia’s able to run away from them, talking to Abraham and Miriam and Nanay Tabs but this time Abraham advices her not to return home as it’s dangerous to do so.

So I guess Lia’s only recourse and how it’s going to happen coincidentally because as Mateo returns to the shop with Clarisse he actually tells her the wedding’s off.  With these recent developments, Lia on the run and Mateo the run away groom, they will once again need to be together.  But of course it’s always the case that they are always brought together.  As Jethro says it’s like destined to be together.

The teasers we’ll see Lia and Mateo in that remote hide away and a girl actually seeing a Lobo and points to Lia being the taong lobo? but we know there’s been a teaser also showing Clarisse transforming into a lobo right before Mateo.

So lets see if in the coming episodes, Mateo finds out about Lia being a taong lobo and of course that teaser earlier in the week where Lia is sensing danger as Clarisse transforms into a lobo, in the woods, looks like it’s Lia to the rescue there.

Thoughts.  The last scene for episode 38 will be continued for the next episode and it’s an exciting action scene for Angel who always executes them well and looks great doing them.

I hope some of these action suspense filled scenes aren’t cut short because it looses the full effect or impact when they do it and Angel can do action sequences, unless ABS-CBN is reserving more for the drama rather than the action.  In that case, make the drama more compelling and engaging always.  We can’t rely on just the dramatic realistic scenes executed by Angel and JL.  We need the story driven plots as well.  That’s why we need also the right pacing so there’s always this momentum going.

So it happens here that about half of the fight scene they show in this episode and half for the next or is it a cut short action scene we have? lets see next because later Lia is on a taxi already calling Abraham asking him what to do next.

There are enough scenes for this episode actually but the real events are still up next.  We needed to wait for the 3rd episode of the week before moving on to the more exciting events.  I dunno if that’s a lot of slow mo pacing or what?

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Review written by: Angeladik

I have to start with episode 37 first, so here goes.  Mateo is now at home in Dara (his secretary)’s neighborhood with newfound “buddies”, the ordinary “kanto” boys who drink but who some also are into carpentry, a common passion.

Sam is more than ever “hooked” and follows Mateo once again in the neighborhood.  Initially, she seems not to like, but with Dara’s niece idolizing her fashion sense and style, it’s not too difficult to integrate.  At first you’d think Mateo is beginning to trust Sam but do we sense the old Mateo schemer when he actually “pits” Sam and Clarisse when she gets her turn to check out the area?  Of course, this happens later.

Clarisse on the other hand is restless with still unanswered text messages to Mateo and Lucas for a change has just this scene with Clarisse for this episode (liking that very much).  Lucas is actually still around the Waya Inc. office trying to be close to Lia when Clarisse finds him there asking where Mateo is.  Clarisse finds out from Lucas that Mateo has resigned from Simon Landholdings so she threatens Mateo thru txt again about the bad that can happen to Lia, as usual.  Mateo is forced to answer her messages and that’s when he drops over to pick up Clarisse for dinner.

While all these Mateo, Clarisse, Sam events are happening, Lia is busy with her laptop trying to contact Jethro thru his blog and getting a response.  Lia’s still very much at the Waya Inc. office, actually waiting for Clarisse to leave.  It’s getting late but Clarisse is still on her cell phone getting an answer from Mateo.  Finally, Clarisse leaves the office when Mateo picks her up.

This gives time for Lia to finally put the bugging device under mom Lucille’s table when an overstaying restless Clarisse finally leaves the building.  As Clarisse leaves to join a pent up Mateo for dinner, Lia is finished with her “bugging” task and off to meet Jethro who agrees to finally meet her.

Yah the “big” foreign looking guy with the tomahawk? hair do?, Mateo’s undercover guy to watch over Lia, follows Lia all the way to where she and Jethro were meeting, some outdoor baywalk? hangout?  There they talk about each other’s dilemma and how they can help each other.  Lia also reveals to Jethro, she’s a taong Lobo but not one he should be afraid of.  Of course he should know she’s a safe, harmless character since he “sees” what’s happening with her and Mateo and now Clarisse, been seeing vampires and taong lobos as well.  Lia, lobo senses sharpened perhaps or the smell of durian as they mentioned, and notices “tomahawk hairdo” guy. [for a stalking job, can’t they find a nondescript guy? ..he is too distinctive hehe but they can transform him into vampire since he can look fierce ..haist i miss lyndon …they should have killed tom instead of him so that there’s someone to rattle Sam to spice up the lives at the world of team sangre ..it’s too bland at present -nicky]

Before we forget, even before Clarisse would later join Mateo to visit his newfound hang out place, Simon finds him there and we know by now how his company is in very bad shape without Mateo.  Yet again the issue to threaten Mateo, Lia has to be dragged as a blackmail, unknowing to all of them, Lia has become a more powerful Lobo still to unleash more powers.

Finally, after a not so interesting, bargaining dinner, Mateo brings Clarisse to the “neighborhood” telling her this is his new-found hang out place and she doesn’t like it at all. Now going to Dara’s house (Mateo now you’re putting Dara in danger of loosing her job), we see Sam there and conveniently Mateo holds Sam’s hands in front of Clarisse, yet to build another tension between the two. Gauging at how Mateo intentionally meant it that way, most likely in getting both pitted against each other might help spare Lia even if in some sort of way.

You know Sam was kinda getting too nosy about Mateo possibly having another girl other than Clarisse.  So in a way, Mateo might be trying to make Sam perhaps believe she’s that other girl.  Nice one Mateo to keep Lia safe from more dangerous would be attackers.

Next episode.  Moving on to the teaser, it’s action packed Lia with Lucille’s main guy (what’s his name?) Lucille’s right hand sort of guy.  Lia’s bugging device under Lucille’s desk table is discovered and immediately it’s Lia being the one and only suspect.  We find nice action moves and a “running” Lia.  That’s pretty exciting to watch out for.

Then when do we see the other teaser where Mateo meets up with Lia in some remote place and Clarisse too around? transforming into a Lobo in front of Mateo? are we seeing all these this week?

Thoughts on Lia-Jethro tandem.  Like I said, one of Angel’s natural charms is she looks even cuter the younger her co-actor in the scene is.  Perhaps it also helps Dino Imperial (Jethro) has this wide eyed young, fresh vibe about him so they actually look cute in their scenes…if you’ve watched more Angel tv series back at GMA she regularly interacts with child actors and its a big reason actually why Angel’s well loved by kids not only becoz of the fantasy characters she’s played

Angel is so versatile, perhaps because still we see she has this young, fresh spirit so anytime you make her interact with child actors or actors like Dino I. who’s probably in his late teens or early 20s just guessing but who still has this very young, fresh vibe about him.

Angel Locsin and her leading men.  Sam Milby if you notice is like a kid also a lot so they were really cute together in Only You.  I think the fans notice it.  Both Sam and Angel can look hot and oozing with that sexy appeal but at the same time have this kinda kid in them, much like cute young lovers.  It’s a charming mix actually.  I’ve always seen it, something they shared.  That’s why the chemistry is so ripe for a romcom with light drama.   A good story driven script can mix romance with light fun stuff and they can actually do a charming romantic movie as well, not exactly romcom, but still they can do that.

With Sam it was easy to be convinced, and yes Richard Gutierrez too particularly in “Mulawin – the TV series” where their chemistry was at their best and later in the movie LTLB (Let the love begin) to my mind the freshest of all their romantic movies. I thought GMA could have done better and taken the cue from that one to make even better romantic movies.  The chemistry was physically instant and I always thought even if I liked the physical dynamics of Richard Angel more, but the personalities of Sam and Angel had that fun cute vibe as an added attraction that was so effortless and alike.

With Piolo Pascual, I thought the physical part was really there, but there’s something stiff or perhaps with an older leading man, it takes some fun away really because it’s so evident too with Diether Ocampo.  I dunno because perhaps Angel has this young, cute vibe about her and when paired with an older actor, it’s kind of dampened a bit so we don’t see the sparks we see when she’s with a younger actor.

I hope with Aga this doesn’t happen. I’ve seen enough Aga old movies on cable I think and although he really looks older now compared to his younger years, he’s got this forever young charming persona and as long as he doesn’t loose it, he will still be fine pairing with younger leading ladies, well I hope.

The thing with John Lloyd Cruz here in Imortal is he plays a kind of serious guy, unlike his recent romcom movies, so its a test for him but as far as I’m concerned I think Angel and JL were able to pull of their romantic scenes perhaps one of those memorable would have to be the sofa scene.  We have to agree they are both a great acting team. Angel brings out something else from JL and vice versa.

But honestly from a fan, the easiest and most effortless to watch for me was Sam and Angel. It could have been Richard and Angel of course, looks wise, they were still very young, so Angel was at her prime particularly in Mulawin on TV and LTLB if only Richard had more as an actor.

But acting wise Angel has to be at her best here with JL although with Dennis Trillo. Angel has actually been good too. Well, Dennis lacked that builit and height so it’s been a disadvantage for a leading man.  Sometimes they just look cute together but it looks less of the romantic thing.

I dunno I’m just observing.  Angel has those fine features so her best looking pairings so far are with actors who have the same.  JL is kinda not in the mold of Richard, Sam and Piolo not that he is less attractive but lets say the former ones really have more of the model looks?  But their acting I think is what drives Angel and JL’s chemistry on screen and its a very good combination actually.  Would you agree? [character wise in the story i don’t have an issue …but in terms of ‘kilig’ i don’t get much of it perhaps because JL has this old soul aura or if he was a girl i would call it spinsterish vibe ..marian rivera used to have that pre-marimar days but she was able to reinvent herself …JL has tried doing the same and at some degree there is an  improvement compared to his “tabing ilog” days but a hint of it is still there ..i still see him largely as a dramatic actor i guess -nicky].

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Review written by: Angeladik

It’s nice to see them showing the teaser more often but for episode 36 we don’t actually see even one scene from the teaser.  Episode 36, lets see the events.  Abraham is now confident about the “new” powers of Lia and is using her as undercover to eventually expose Lucille, the real “traitor” who conveniently kept the “existence” of the vampires to suit her ambitions and rule as Punong Bantay.  Lia puts a bugging device under Clarisse’s office table and then under Lucille’s too.

Lia is back and in touch with Jethro’s blog to save the day for Mateo, who is running after a delivery truck where his chair masterpiece with Lia’s name on it is and would bring the chair to some customer.  So it happens that Jethro’s warning that Mateo would fall into a manhole running after an important something (the chair dedicated to Lia).  Lia saves Mateo from this happening as she’s just in time to barricade the open manhole and they meet once again although very abrupt as Lia still isn’t ready to even listen to Mateo. [the chair is considered a masterpiece and i’m sure it will appear again in later episode but why the carving of lia’s name crude? tsk tsk …looks like they are a bit careless with details like not combing lia’s hair or showing unflattering body parts in some scenes as you pointed out in previous reviews – nicky]

In the meantime while all this is happening to our two poor leads, the antagonists are still at it.  Clarisse-Lia scenes are becoming an amusing staple sometimes as Clarisse is forever trying to make Lia “jealous”? she’s so insecure and that’s when she gives Lia that opportunity to bug her office.  Clarisse obviously is getting crazier with unanswered text messages to Mateo who’s so preoccupied with his furniture carpentry sharpening skills, discovering his father’s skills in pouring out his love for Lia.

There’s a love connection there. His longing for a father who rejected him in his mind and now Lia who he hopes will eventually understand and forgive him when he comes back for her, which is what every fan is waiting for of course.  But as we know, the bad guys won’t be complete with a more evil, scheming Lucas now all of a sudden wanting to prove to his father his worth, but it’s all for his craziness and his unrequited love for Lia.  Now he’s even lying so we know it’s all selfish love and not a true one when he hides the fact that Mateo left Simon Landholdings already.

Of course Rico Blanco (Lucas) still gets exposure galore.   Who cares if he looks bad on screen and it doesn’t help that he’s now a scheming evil selfish brat.  He doesn’t even have to act.  Just a look at his face and you don’t want to see his face anymore unlike the other villain who we enjoy watching especially when Clarisse clashes with Lia, like everybody wants to see their scenes.

Are Lia-Clarisse scenes overused? Well, we love watching Angel all the time except with RB and guess everyone here does too. No more unnecessary RB hate dwelling this time as we move on to the other villainess who want a piece of Mateo.  Would you believe in that red outfit of hers teaser time?  Suddenly I thought hey Sam looked like Lucas female version? I dunno they looked similar in that clip so they better make sure Maricar’s angles are taken cared of less she might remind me of RB.  Oh I don’t like hating too many people watching Angel’s show.  It becomes an ordeal.  It’s as if RB is not enough.  Okay I’m dwelling again.  [i got a cure for my Lucas allergy ..i stopped watching imortal in TFC and just viewed it now in youtube so i can fast forward any scenes with Lucas even if he was with Angel …i’ll just read your review to check out if  i missed anything interesting hehe -nicky]

So where are the rest of the cast?  Simon pretty much has that prolonged scene with RB Mr. Exposure and a shorter one would you believe with JL.  His scenes were prolonged with his drinking neighborhood newfound “buddies”, then Lia, and Sam who unknowingly he’s beginning to trust.  Yup much like Lia is to Lucas, a feature of local soaps to trust glaringly unworthy characters.

It’s not like poor all out antagonist Clarisse who’s actually a pathetic fun character to watch and her hyper caricaturish mode.  I feel still she’s able to control it.  Yeah, some people say it’s easy but she’s the show off villainess with no pretensions.  No pretensions and for real… in your face…an assessment of villains.  How about you Nicky.  Which kind of villain do you prefer to watch?  All out or trying to convince you they are actually good but against your fave character?  Which will it be? [hmm, i would prefer a story driven one and not a contrived antagonist …i’m tired of the usual demonic villain who needs to make the protagonist suffer a lot first ..i guess that’s the reason why i enjoy k-dramas more …i asked mico del rosario about that old formula actually but he said it’s needed to make people appreciate more the goodness of the protagonist which i don’t necessarily agree …i prefer real life characters …what i like about clarisse is her consistency as a bratty and high tempered antagonist although i don’t like the scene where she gave herself a pep talk that mateo loves her coz she may be spoiled but not delusional  …she maybe caricaturish but not an all out loud contravida as compared to those in old pinoy films -nicky]

Next episode.  The last teaser has to be a “new” favorite for the moment.  Yeah perhaps because I hate those RB – Angel Locsin scenes.  I’m really liking the cute scenes of Dino Imperial (Jethro) with Angel.  These two can make some cracker of a team in the future, like Angel’s sidekick in some young geneneration now project perhaps? mystery suspense with light touch perhaps? I dunno.  It occured to me they have some sort of chemistry not necessarily romantic by the way.  Dino I. is young and playful although his acting style is sort of young and fresh.  It’s not exactly the drama Angel can share with John Lloyd Cruz but there’s something in it I see.

I dunno, better help me here Nicks or I’m just looking for an outlet?  But really I think Angel has this young vibe going when she shares scenes with him.  I remember enjoying Angel’s scenes with child actors then.  It’s fun and brings out the child at heart in me I guess – matinee idol.  Yeah Angel’s still loved by kids and scenes with a young actor like Dino I. brings out that Angel charm.  Those are scenes I want them to add spice to the show but no overdose please unless Dino I. is that good because I’m not familiar yet with his acting chops. [what i noticed is Gel tends to be cuter when interacting with younger cast but i was referring mainly to her lead like sam in “only you” compared to piolo in lobo …to be honest, i’m not that kilig yet with jlc but he’s good that i admit …got to see more scenes of Angel with jethro first – nicky]

I actually like to see Angel doing mystery detective type of stories and another actor this time.  A veteran she’s worked with is Dante Rivero.  Of course Pilar Pilapil has great chemistry with Angel too.  Yeah to name a few.

Derek in Imortal.  You like my little character description for a possible role Derek might take up if he joins Imortal nicks? [am i that obvious hehe …i’m pretty sure you already know what my answer is …but since mateo will eventually discover that he is the “itinakda”, perhaps we could me derek a powerful waya to make mateo more insecure, what do you think? …yeah, it’s like a mirror of geoff’s previous character in lobo, scratch that if it sounds redundant …neweiz, i just want a strong character that can make mateo jealous – nicky]

Angeladik’s personal message.  Angel this is for you.  We know you’re a smart, sensible girl.  Just continue being a prayerful person and you do a lot for fans like us.  Thanks.

We love sharing your ride.  I’d rather focus on your achievements.  We hope these things bothering you like family concerns lately, we know because we also have those things but always we manage by being understanding…and as fans we will surely be to you.

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Review written by: Angeladik

Episode 34 is an episode where once again Nina Dolino (Clarisse) shows us why handling over the top acting works and she’s getting better. She might be a caricature here but she’s the one driving the story of Mateo and Lia, who respond very well with great subtle acting from both.

How many times can a woman not get the point?  But indeed we perhaps have an idea there are really bratty people who are a lot like Clarisse.  Yup Nina D. almost single-handedly provides the conflict of Mateo and Lia. To some extent we see side shows Sam getting her share of having developed feelings for Mateo while her Tom can’t accept it.

And my now hated cast in the series, because first he thinks he’s somebody why just look at his face and those deep holes.  Maybe its hard especially when you’re a fan especially that my co-viewers think oh wow this guy’s face the nerve to even try to be Lia’s.  Annoying kinda disgusting so I tried solving my problem by avoiding looking at him.  Congrats Imortal writers!  Now I don’t even like to look at the deep holes in his face and those haggard tired looking eyes.

Lia’s scenes with BFF still is all about Mateo and how much she’s still affected by all this.  There’s a scene where Lucas attempts again at Lia but she just rejects him by telling him she needs a friend not a guy. By the way, BFF if Lia is going to get another one especially that you’re beautiful and sexy ,well don’t get a reject looking guy otherwise it will appear you don’t have good suitor choices right?

It doesn’t make you qualified to be beautiful and sexy if you have limited choices right?  Aside from a non-looker, Lucas is a bum and you don’t get hooked up with a guy just because he has a rich father right? Bad looking, lazy and dumb.

How about Mateo, I liked John Lloyd Cruz’s scenes here.  Alone is better actually unless it’s with Lia hehe.  Although JL does very good scenes also with the other cast.  Thanks he doesn’t need to deal with a distracting annoying costar here.  The longer you look at JL and Rico Blanco (Lucas) it’s too obvious too why there’s no competition at all and it’s strange why they didn’t get a younger actor to do Lucas or if older at least somebody who looks better enough to “challenge” Mateo.

I don’t buy the fact they don’t have another actor who can not only be better looking but can act better.  The rooftop scene of RB is OA he should get tips from Clarisse how to handle over the top emotions.  It diminished Angel Locsin (Lia) in that scene because he was so distracting and annoying.  It’s something of a Sam and Tom scene where repeatedly Maricar Reyes (Sam) is awkward because of the amateurish Rocky Salumbides (Tom).

It’s not like Angel is at her best with JL, Nina D. and her other “family” costars. In fact like JL, I also want those Lia alone scenes just like a lot of JL’s best scenes are when Mateo’s just alone looking at Lia and when Lia’s by herself or when they just look at each other.  Because it can be said when they try to capture Lucas close-ups his face is distracting right from the start yeah the eyes, down to the moustache, his slight builit and short frame doesn’t help.

You can even say at least Rocky S. is a tall guy athletic built even if he acts like a dumb puppy.  I would have wanted a classier actor doing Magnus oh these are the complaints I have of the cast.

The scenes at Dara’s place are all good for JL.  He had the best scenes for this episode I think.  Then he confronts Simon and then another annoying Lucas the brat the opportunist finding a way to get Lia for himself.

Aside from Clarisse although still very typical of her while Lia is still very much in training and lets see more next time because most of these training scenes are always “Bitin” and we were expecting some more confrontation with an enemy that didn’t happen.  I would have much preferred it if Lia was alone in her roof top scene.

It seems Mateo is planning something and Dara is to help him. Meanwhile Lia yet again transforms into a Lobo, thanks to Mateo and the hurt and pain he’s caused her.  If Mateo succeeds in convincing Lia to run away with him, hat’s always exciting for a fan if they need to postpone yet again the coming “battles.”  Well, it’s the best reason why there seems to be not much real fights between Team Sangre and Team Lobo/Waya.

We are all waiting also how things turn out later when Mateo transforms himself.  Will he turn away from Lia? Of course after yet again another getting together this time in a deeper relation.

Anyway, let’s hope the writers just stick to what works and stop this favoritism.  We know it’s part of this country but hey lets give viewers a break after all advertisers are paying money to get viewers to buy their products so writers be nice and work harder and stop making Angel look bad especially to exploit her.

It’s important also we get the right actors because you don’t have that feeling of cmon lets get on with the next scene ike when both Angel and JL are with the competent actors of Imortal, it just flows naturally but when in comes these wanting or not the right choice of actors it can be distracting.

We know connections and favoritism is rampant but sometimes lets limit their exposure.  We know Imortal could have been way better without these distractions.  Less of them we do the series, the leads and especially the viewers a favor.

That’s why its obvious why they overutilized Nina Dolino here because she’s effective in her role but why try making a romantic role for somebody who looks like your ordinary janitor only he dresses well?

Why do that to the beautiful and talented Angel L. here? Where she’s doing so brilliantly? Why even diminish her?  Shabby treatment of Angel wont please a fan.  Call me demanding and bratty and all but when I hear a lot of viewers saying who’s this guy and why he’s the other guy here, they’re obviously wondering why Angel gets paired with a guy with his looks and he’s not even one of those known good supporting actors.

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Comments written by: Angeladik

Episode 33 is mostly about the actual engagement party.  We have a heartwarming scene between Lia and Nanay Tabs.  It’s the day after Lia saw Mateo at the brawl getting himself hurt.  Nanay Tabs advices Lia to move on and not spend too much time crying over a man.  Yup and I will advice Lia to stay away from yet another guy named Lucas because being the son of Simon and “brother” to Mateo, it doesn’t make sense unless the writer collaborators are giving RB all the exposure he needs here.

The engagement party actually went as we expected, with the most of the cast there including Lia, of course Mateo and Clarisse, Lucille and Simon, and yeah an aging, wasted Rico Blanco (Lucas) in spite the fashionable clothes can’t hide the fact the waiter looks better than him.  Oops sorry just saying the truth.  No thanks to connections, he’s not only annoying looks wise and disgusting whenever I see him I hate to say this but he really makes me puke whenever they give him lengthy scenes with Angel Locsin (Lia).

He looks bad in close ups, looks wilted, has kinda short stature, and the slight built.  Nope the clothes are not helping his bad looks and the role now makes him disgusting because let’s face it, he’s ugly even Christian Bautista is too handsome and tall to be even compared to this aging wannabee actor.

Sorry but he didn’t need to share that lengthy scene at the roof top with Angel. Even my mom says why Angel is being treated shabbily giving her a leading man like that.  Why, we know it’s because of connections and again Angel has no choice.

Just when we thought Sam and Magnus were about to look for Lia and we’re going to have a suspenseful episode, what do we get, more disgusting exposure for this guy.  Well dad Simon looks to have finer skin than the deep holes on RB’s face evident when they give him close-ups. Cmon even Efren Peñaflorida’s simple looks look more wholesome and nice than this guy.

This will surely turn off fans if the writers keep on giving this guy more scenes like that with Angel.  He’s ugly okay and not any where suitable to be trying to win Angel. It’s not that we have to be particular about good looking guys but please not these shabby looking ones.

If they think RB was anywhere near cute at the roof top scene with Lia yeah she looked pretty and all there but hey I’d rather have that other guy Simon was going to replace Mateo with even if he didn’t have no personality at all and an extra.

I dunno where all the better looking guys at ABS-CBN are. Why somebody looking like that Angel has to have as leading man.  Only shows how shabby and exploited Angel is.

Yeah you gave her JL but why not put John P. there. That would have been more interesting huh? Why not? At least John will look handsome, not that pathetic TH aging wannabee actor. Yeah, you look so old and tired RB.  Enough of this.  Time to put a more credible 3rd wheel guy or none at all…cmon writers I challenge you to put John P. here, give him a break again.  Yeah he’s not a fave actor but he’ll be way better even for the fans am sure. Why doesn’t ABS trust him anymore? Look if shorter guys like RB with those looks get parts like that why wont John P. at least this will spice up the show.  [isn’t he shorter than Angel?  he has the looks yeah but i dunno, hmm that i have to see first – nicky]

Sometimes it’s unfair that Angel has to play godmother to these ugly ones right? Well it happened once before and we know he’s just the son and we know RB is also connected to their family when he was linked to that daughter.  Now we know, Angel used again and again, even if its puking us.

Sorry nicks, this is so far from a review.  I warned you already I hate to see more of RB trying to have this romantic angle with Lia.  Why do they really need to insist on giving exposure to these guys at the expense of Angel.  You know I tried my best to be fair to RB? I dunno what his role is anyway to these people? Is he a relative or something?  Are the Blancos rich? I don’t buy Direk giving this guy a break.  Yeah even the rock star image, it’s all hype.

They better add better actors fast now it seems they dont trust Team Sangre to keep on inserting those RB scenes, so many delays already.  When Jake Roxas glared at Sam I was already yeah cmon go look for Lia only to be thwarted by that wannabee yet again.  That is the supposed to be the episode teaser, the Vamps after Lia.  What happened? This is so disgusting, annoying and frustrating.

You write something, you show Lia in training, she’s all pent up at Clarisse, the Vamps are coming, and what? that stupidid intermission that is RB? Oh before I forget, hurt at what Mateo did? Yeah all that boils down to the “event” which is the Vamps, not the aging brat.

Good looking  2nd lead actor wanted.   It’s obvious the writers are “buying” time for the Vamps but if they’re beefing up some new actors for the Vamp ensemble, better add some nice looking leading man as well if they want to separate Lia and Mateo

Dont treat Lia like rag when there’s BFF Miriam there for her anyway or even Abraham or Nanay Tabs.  Like don’t make Lia dumb by allowing her to stay with that guy when she has “family” waiting at home and btw why was BFF not there to support Lia when she needed a chaperone?

Okay that’s it! I just watch now because of Angel.  The writers are killing me now.

All my apologies Nicky.  Sorry but unless I write it here now, we care about Angel and the best for her, hope you understand. The effort we put here is not easy, promise you that but I do it for Angel so I hate it when she’s treated like rag.

Again I’m so upset.  All of Angel’s best scenes will have to be at the party with Clarisse, Mateo and yeah Sam.  These are the main cast of Imortal and RB is the outcast that needs to be replaced now.  Let Lia reject him again then he commits suicide.  Nope he won’t even do as Sam’s leading man poor Maricar imagine after pairing with Gabby Concepcion.  Again all my apologies but just warning the writers Imortal needs to pick up and RB is not a good choice for their intermission

When is Lia and Sam’s face off anyway?  We dont need another Lucas-Lia thingy? Are they really out of their mind?  After all that talk about making Angel look good.

Sometimes I find it hard to believe how some power players can be so mean and such users.  So okay you pay Angel money but that doesn’t give you the right to treat her shabbily just because you pay her well.  You cant even trust their teasers nowadays. We all thought the face off was happening.  What we got is more yuck! ewwwwww.  Sorrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy Nicks.  Please if you have a way to contact those writers.  Like okay the viewers over here thinks the same way.  Poor Angel why doesn’t she get a better leading man other than JL.

Nicky’s note: To be honest, I fast forward that rooftop scene because of my Lucas allergy.  Even Angel can’t cure it.  I hope it would not make me stop watching Imortal altogether but then I guess I  can have FF button as BFF whenever Lucas appears on screen ^_^

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Review written by: Angeladik

Episode 32 is the aftermath of the announcement of the Mateo Clarisse engagement so we see more Lia – Clarisse office coffee room “encounters.” This time really had us like whooaa although what we thought was more, they showed half of it already in the teasers.  Turns out Clarisse “still” thinks Lia just learned some self defense tricks.  I meant Clarisse “still” thinks “nalaktawan” or Lia won’t be transforming into a Lobo.

This episode actually like I said should have been all in the last episode but they stretched the scenes to make sure Rico Blanco gets a lot of scenes with either Angel Locsin or John Lloyd Cruz.  It’s pretty much becoming obvious since seriously we don’t think RB can do a TV series with him being the star so they’re maximazing all the exposure he can get in Imortal so many people will give him that “chance.”  It’s becoming glaringly obvious they stretched what could have been 1 episode to 2 to give RB so many highlight scenes.  The lame thing about this attempt though is first it makes this attempt futile.  When you stretch too much, it becomes tiresome especilly if what you’re watching out for is not RB. 

Too many Rico Blanco scenes.  Okay, so they’ve established his role here like the older brother adviser to the love newbies Mateo and Lia but getting into the frame.  Too much focus already on his character is clearly making this thing boringly tiresome, like how many past episodes have they devoted to his persistence to get Lia’s approval.  Does the Lucas subplot really have to take too much of the pace of the series? Okay so why are we not complaining about Clarisse? becoz she’s a brat? Then we know Lucas is another rebel brat?

Of course the scene of Lia arm twisting Clarisse in self defense we waited for that because part of the anticipation is when Lia really transforms, so part of her “encounters” with Clarisse is that anticipation.  The Clarisse and Mateo “engagement” is the event that is driving the present state of emotions of Lia and Mateo, so again we don’t mind.

But too many scenes for RB is unnecessary because Lucas concerns now is just still a side show to the “event” which is the engagement announcement.  Looks like someone just wants to make sure RB gets maximum exposure here.  I think Lucas is getting too much exposure when team Imortal should figure out a way to start making team Sangre more interesting.

Sam-Mateo love angle.  We also have now Sam turns out being “attracted” as well to Mateo. Now it’s not a good idea for Maricar’s character development really.  Just because her vampire crew can’t make her any more interesting she needs JL now?

I’ve said it before poor cast choice for the vampire ensemble and Maricar’s best efforts at looking the vamp is not helping her cause and we know great care was given to make her really look the Vamp part. Perhaps bringing her to the other ensemble will change things for her because as long as she stays isolated with the vampire ensemble cast, they all look like outsider liabilities to the series just because the head on conflicts has been centered recently more on Lia-Mateo and the bratty all over the place Clarisse.

I think that’s the challenge of the writers now.  I think the Imortal team is still so lucky particularly because in spite Angel’s slight weight distractions whenever the camera decides not to highlight the weight flaws you’re easily mesmerized by Angel’s combination of acting and beauty here. In spite of again best efforts to make her the outsider when they let her appear in the simplest clothes compared to the entire cast.

JL also provides the drama here and how his character revolves around Lia makes their combination very interesting since they match well in dramatic highlights despite us knowing the writers can come up with better.

Next episode.  Lets see, the teaser has Sam at the engagement party finally “sensing” the presence of the “One” mistook her for Lyka but Magnus was around to correct her, the daughter of Lyka.

Okay the last scene before the teaser we have Mateo just allowing him to get beaten up in another familiar brawl scene, somebody texting Lucas what was happening and yeah while he was visiting Lia so a worried Lia wanted to go with him after asking Lucas to leave.

The ending scene while Lia unknown to Lucas followed him at the brawl site inside instead of just waiting outside hears Mateo’s speech when Lucas asks him why he’s allowing himself to get beaten up by not fighting.  Mateo saying he wants to feel all the pain of getting hurt that’s when we see Lia’s face too.  Kinda cheesy and set up but nevertheless Angel and JL’s very effective facial expressions makes it all work.

Imortal’s winning formula.  There’s a lot to be said here that it’s the acting of Angel and JL and for many their combination on screen which is holding Imortal although we can still count on some reliable cast support here and the strong support coming from Nina Dolino despite the overuse of the “conflict” she provides.

For many episodes now, it’s clear the Clarisse conflict has provided the major conflict for Imortal with the rest of Vampire ensemble almost outsider non-factors just around watching the other two ensemble groups, the lobos and the humans.

Even Mateo’s own transformation issues has somehow taken a backseat to Lia’s very own transformation issues for now except for Mateo still needing Sam’s assistance re those similar “changes” they share. 

We hope somehow the Vampire ensemble can level up because next will be their discovery of Lia finally and that’s when we expect their turn at Lia after Clarisse almost owning Lia’s conflicts.

This time, Sam gets her very own turn at Lia and lets see who’s the better villain, Clarisse or Sam?  Hopefully too, while all this is surrounding Lia, that should be the perfect time for Mateo to get on with his own transformation as well.

Too many RB highlights, a liability.  The events needs to come fast since lately the trying to insert and give RB highlight episodes is really dragging the pace of the series and that’s a major culprit why Imortal could have been still interesting with just Mateo-Lia-Clarisse there.   But whenever Lucas joins the fray it’s bad for the series.  Why? over highlights for him when his role should be just like Simon’s.

To begin with Lia considers him just a friend and we’d rather see some background of Miriam BFF’s relations with Lia or Nanay Tabs with Lia than to Lucas with Lia.

For me its not just RB being unfit already for the role but exaggerated attention to his role when he is just a side show here.  Clearly from the story development, it’s Clarisse and Sam who should be getting into more scenes with Lia, that’s what viewers are waiting for.

Instead of getting on with that, the writers have to say, hey let’s give RB more scenes first before getting on with the Sam-Lia conflict and how about Lucille too we know her conflict was left off to Clarisse.

Good supporting cast.  Vivian Velez (Lucille) looks more comfortable now in her role although I feel Simon is actually making a better deal as villain to Lia based on story development and his execution of his role in spite of what some pexers say is his difficulty with Tagalog lines still fine that he makes a mean villain to Lia.

For me Johnny Revilla (Simon) apart from Nina Dolino is the other effective villain here and making those demands on Mateo he’s being to the point, is still on target.

Samantha’s character.  I think the writers are still not on target on what to do with Maricar here. While they really want RB all the major exposure he needs here by really building him up as a credible romantic interest even if unnecessary and dragging the pace of the story.

Looks like weakness of team Sangre has not helped Maricar.  The writers look reluctant now about her anti-heroine stance here and looks to us like writers are going for the romantic interest to Mateo thing instead of being a worthy anti-heroine to Lia. [have you seen the RPG Pangil, Samantha’s Quest at http://imortal.abs-cbn.com/pangil.aspx …Sam appears to be more like a heroine there than antagonist -nicky]

Lets see, we know they might want that again as part of the Sam-Lia conflict, really it always has to drag some romantic interest for Mateo like all the girls are crazy about him? Sometimes we don’t need exaggerations like these. I dunno Sam’s character was not at all developed like that and those looks she gives whenever her co-vampires notice it, looks like hey look you notice I like Mateo.

Happening next is the awaited Sam-Lia conflict, will they pursue it right away? or stick with the proven effectiveness of bratty Clarisse.  That’s the problem with the writers in writing a character that’s not exactly a villain who might even turn out to be a second heroine for Imortal, the writers are now having difficulty I think in making Sam’s integration in the story interesting.

Aside from acting adjustments Maricar seems to have to encounter it’s still happening because of her can’t decide where my role is.  Sometimes she’s become awkward in the process and all the glam up looks wise is not as fierce whenever these awkward acting happens.

The writers better make a good account of themselves here because we noticed they just gave up on V.V. and left it all to Nina D. to take over.  Same thing’s happening to Maricar.  They have delayed her encounters with Lia perhaps not sure if it will work out since she’s still adjusting to her role?  Hopefully it doesn’t turn out that way.

It’s already a fact the writers attempts to make that romantic interest in Mateo is pushing that awkward thing more loosing steam yet again with what I said could have been a very good acting challenge for Maricar.

Lets see what the writers come up for us when the conflicts start.

Emotionless Magnus.  How about Magnus? Well this actor actually I have no expectation at all so never mind.  Well at least you can say he’s a real vampire because he looks cold and emotionless.  If I were Sam I wouldn’t even be afraid of his weak personality.  Okay he’s more powerful but no, the actor obviously has such a weak personality it’s affecting his ability to make any impact to his role.

C’mon if Team Sangre is ever going to make a strong impact here, we need a real character actor/actress beefing up the team badly because that’s part of the conflict of Imortal and with the present team Sangre it’s not there at all.

Yeah like we heard like RB, the actor Jake Roxas was also brought in by Direk Chito, his wards as the news have it…tsk tsk

Lets then wait what’s next for the team. 

Overall the main interesting points are still Angel and JL and Nina extending her effective bratty caricaturish role.  But really writers I think viewers are expecting more.

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