Imortal Episode 37 [23.11.10]

For those who missed this episode …

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Imortal: review of episode 36

Review written by: Angeladik

It’s nice to see them showing the teaser more often but for episode 36 we don’t actually see even one scene from the teaser.  Episode 36, lets see the events.  Abraham is now confident about the “new” powers of Lia and is using her as undercover to eventually expose Lucille, the real “traitor” who conveniently kept the “existence” of the vampires to suit her ambitions and rule as Punong Bantay.  Lia puts a bugging device under Clarisse’s office table and then under Lucille’s too.

Lia is back and in touch with Jethro’s blog to save the day for Mateo, who is running after a delivery truck where his chair masterpiece with Lia’s name on it is and would bring the chair to some customer.  So it happens that Jethro’s warning that Mateo would fall into a manhole running after an important something (the chair dedicated to Lia).  Lia saves Mateo from this happening as she’s just in time to barricade the open manhole and they meet once again although very abrupt as Lia still isn’t ready to even listen to Mateo. [the chair is considered a masterpiece and i’m sure it will appear again in later episode but why the carving of lia’s name crude? tsk tsk …looks like they are a bit careless with details like not combing lia’s hair or showing unflattering body parts in some scenes as you pointed out in previous reviews – nicky]

In the meantime while all this is happening to our two poor leads, the antagonists are still at it.  Clarisse-Lia scenes are becoming an amusing staple sometimes as Clarisse is forever trying to make Lia “jealous”? she’s so insecure and that’s when she gives Lia that opportunity to bug her office.  Clarisse obviously is getting crazier with unanswered text messages to Mateo who’s so preoccupied with his furniture carpentry sharpening skills, discovering his father’s skills in pouring out his love for Lia.

There’s a love connection there. His longing for a father who rejected him in his mind and now Lia who he hopes will eventually understand and forgive him when he comes back for her, which is what every fan is waiting for of course.  But as we know, the bad guys won’t be complete with a more evil, scheming Lucas now all of a sudden wanting to prove to his father his worth, but it’s all for his craziness and his unrequited love for Lia.  Now he’s even lying so we know it’s all selfish love and not a true one when he hides the fact that Mateo left Simon Landholdings already.

Of course Rico Blanco (Lucas) still gets exposure galore.   Who cares if he looks bad on screen and it doesn’t help that he’s now a scheming evil selfish brat.  He doesn’t even have to act.  Just a look at his face and you don’t want to see his face anymore unlike the other villain who we enjoy watching especially when Clarisse clashes with Lia, like everybody wants to see their scenes.

Are Lia-Clarisse scenes overused? Well, we love watching Angel all the time except with RB and guess everyone here does too. No more unnecessary RB hate dwelling this time as we move on to the other villainess who want a piece of Mateo.  Would you believe in that red outfit of hers teaser time?  Suddenly I thought hey Sam looked like Lucas female version? I dunno they looked similar in that clip so they better make sure Maricar’s angles are taken cared of less she might remind me of RB.  Oh I don’t like hating too many people watching Angel’s show.  It becomes an ordeal.  It’s as if RB is not enough.  Okay I’m dwelling again.  [i got a cure for my Lucas allergy ..i stopped watching imortal in TFC and just viewed it now in youtube so i can fast forward any scenes with Lucas even if he was with Angel …i’ll just read your review to check out if  i missed anything interesting hehe -nicky]

So where are the rest of the cast?  Simon pretty much has that prolonged scene with RB Mr. Exposure and a shorter one would you believe with JL.  His scenes were prolonged with his drinking neighborhood newfound “buddies”, then Lia, and Sam who unknowingly he’s beginning to trust.  Yup much like Lia is to Lucas, a feature of local soaps to trust glaringly unworthy characters.

It’s not like poor all out antagonist Clarisse who’s actually a pathetic fun character to watch and her hyper caricaturish mode.  I feel still she’s able to control it.  Yeah, some people say it’s easy but she’s the show off villainess with no pretensions.  No pretensions and for real… in your face…an assessment of villains.  How about you Nicky.  Which kind of villain do you prefer to watch?  All out or trying to convince you they are actually good but against your fave character?  Which will it be? [hmm, i would prefer a story driven one and not a contrived antagonist …i’m tired of the usual demonic villain who needs to make the protagonist suffer a lot first ..i guess that’s the reason why i enjoy k-dramas more …i asked mico del rosario about that old formula actually but he said it’s needed to make people appreciate more the goodness of the protagonist which i don’t necessarily agree …i prefer real life characters …what i like about clarisse is her consistency as a bratty and high tempered antagonist although i don’t like the scene where she gave herself a pep talk that mateo loves her coz she may be spoiled but not delusional  …she maybe caricaturish but not an all out loud contravida as compared to those in old pinoy films -nicky]

Next episode.  The last teaser has to be a “new” favorite for the moment.  Yeah perhaps because I hate those RB – Angel Locsin scenes.  I’m really liking the cute scenes of Dino Imperial (Jethro) with Angel.  These two can make some cracker of a team in the future, like Angel’s sidekick in some young geneneration now project perhaps? mystery suspense with light touch perhaps? I dunno.  It occured to me they have some sort of chemistry not necessarily romantic by the way.  Dino I. is young and playful although his acting style is sort of young and fresh.  It’s not exactly the drama Angel can share with John Lloyd Cruz but there’s something in it I see.

I dunno, better help me here Nicks or I’m just looking for an outlet?  But really I think Angel has this young vibe going when she shares scenes with him.  I remember enjoying Angel’s scenes with child actors then.  It’s fun and brings out the child at heart in me I guess – matinee idol.  Yeah Angel’s still loved by kids and scenes with a young actor like Dino I. brings out that Angel charm.  Those are scenes I want them to add spice to the show but no overdose please unless Dino I. is that good because I’m not familiar yet with his acting chops. [what i noticed is Gel tends to be cuter when interacting with younger cast but i was referring mainly to her lead like sam in “only you” compared to piolo in lobo …to be honest, i’m not that kilig yet with jlc but he’s good that i admit …got to see more scenes of Angel with jethro first – nicky]

I actually like to see Angel doing mystery detective type of stories and another actor this time.  A veteran she’s worked with is Dante Rivero.  Of course Pilar Pilapil has great chemistry with Angel too.  Yeah to name a few.

Derek in Imortal.  You like my little character description for a possible role Derek might take up if he joins Imortal nicks? [am i that obvious hehe …i’m pretty sure you already know what my answer is …but since mateo will eventually discover that he is the “itinakda”, perhaps we could me derek a powerful waya to make mateo more insecure, what do you think? …yeah, it’s like a mirror of geoff’s previous character in lobo, scratch that if it sounds redundant …neweiz, i just want a strong character that can make mateo jealous – nicky]

Angeladik’s personal message.  Angel this is for you.  We know you’re a smart, sensible girl.  Just continue being a prayerful person and you do a lot for fans like us.  Thanks.

We love sharing your ride.  I’d rather focus on your achievements.  We hope these things bothering you like family concerns lately, we know because we also have those things but always we manage by being understanding…and as fans we will surely be to you.

Imortal 2nd webisode: Lia

The 2nd webisode, “Lia”, was released at Imortal website last Friday but viewers from certain parts of the  world could not watch it.  The story of “Lia” shows towards the end that she can transform into “Lobo” form even as a child making her unique among other Lobos.

For those who can’t watch this webisode, check this video out.  Please say your thanks at John-John Pacheco’s page in Facebook for posting this video.


The “Lia” webisode stars Sajj Geronimo as “Lia” and Allyzon Lualhati as “Nanay Tabs”.

If you missed the 1st webisode, “Maestro”, check this video out. Again, say your thanks at John-John Pacheco’s page in Facebook


Imortal Episode 36 [22.11.10]

For those who missed this episode …

credit: DMylbbub

Finally, I was able to create another fan video for Kim Hyun Joong and Angel Locsin as per request.  It made me smile knowing that there are some also who likes this pairing.  KHJ sings “One More Time” OST  for Playful Kiss, the Korean version of ISWAK (It Started with a Kiss) with KHJ as the lead actor.


For those who missed my first fanvid for this couple, check this video out …


Note: For those who requested a fanvid for artists other than Angel and KHJ, please bear with me because I am not familiar with their video clips so it would take sometime for me to collect  the materials and I can’t promise when would that be.

Derek Ramsay expresses interest to have Angel Locsin as her next  leading lady.  He also admits being a fan of Angel’s current top-rated show, Imortal, and would really love to be part of the show even for just a cameo or guest role.  To read the entire article of ABS-CBN, click here.

Angeladik’s comment:

About Derek, that would actually be interesting if he did a cameo as a Vamp and he’s “interested” in Lia. 

Like we both agree, Mateo doesn’t even have any form of competition here for Lia, like she really was a NBSB (no boyfriend since birth).  Yeah, no real choices for suitors so Mateo rules like a god.  How could Mateo feel even some jealousy from Lucas?  He’s been a looser his entire life.

It would be interesting if Derek played an intelligent,accomplished and very rich executive son or owner of another big company wanting to be in Waya Inc and happens to be a Vamp or he might be an ordinary mortal but “interested” in Lia and Sam makes him a Vamp to get to Lia..hmmmm.

Yeah pretty much that can definitely add excitement especially if Imortal’s playing longer than the usual TV series.  Derek could want to be in Waya Inc. too just like Simon.  He’s a go getter and successful at everything he does.  This will be an acting challenge for Derek, exudes a lot of personality and appeal at the same time.  Can he pull it off Nicks? [not sure coz i have not watched his dramas closely and the glimpses i’ve seen seemed he is an actor-still-in-progress but i would not mind looking at him so there’s consolation hehe -nicky]

Of course, a still very much a sought after bachelor and very ‘interested” in Lia  Now that’s a winner suitor for Lia, not a looser.  While in Magkaribal Derek played a boxer, here in Imortal he can play the bright executive smart, educated abroad, better get him a great stylist to make sure he’s dressed to kill.

Please do the same for Angel.  Yeah I although saw on Facebook the teaser for next episode and running Lia in that blue blouse and skirt she looks chic so that’s promising.

Imortal teaser for this week


credit: Imortal official page in Facebook

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